Who Are We?

We are a Native clothing brand created by 2 brothers hungry for change and a sense of direction.  Established in 2022, our website features a selection of fashionable pieces that involve art and the beautiful culture of Indigenous people.  Every design we have on our website is authentic and hand drawn by Malcohm Weaselboy and printed/embroidered in house. Creating one of a kind pieces that someone can proudly wear and look stylish at the same time. Our brand is for anyone that has been through a tough situation, and came out stronger. 
Nitêh (My Heart) Clothing

Nitêh translates to 'my heart' in Cree language. Our message for the individual wearing our clothing, is to Have Heart. Life puts obstacles and challenges in our way all the time. You could be battling something on the verge of giving up, working hard to build something great, or trying to be a better person. Whatever it is, our message is to persevere and put Your Heart into it, even when it feels like there is nothing left.